The Avengers To Make Sure Pokémon GO Players Follow Rules When In MMDA “Pokémon Gym”!

I’m sure everyone knows  about  the game Pokémon Go, the latest game craze among smartphone and tablet users. The game’s objective is to “capture” Pokémon in the real world by using mobile digital cameras.

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has expressed their concern a month ago, before the game was released in the Philippines regarding what the game may bring. You’ve seen videos of  people stampede into Central Park because of a Vaporeon, right? Since the game is meant to be played while walking, players would surely be fiddling on their phones as they walk or drive around.

In their Facebook page, the MMDA  issued a warning addressed to the players of the latest craze. It says:

  1. Don’t play Pokémon Go while crossing the street. Focus on the road, and don’t forget to look left and right.

  2. If you can’t stop yourself from playing, use the designated pedestrian footbridges instead, but be alert while walking.

Now, just a day after the game’s release in the country, it may seem to be a funny coincidence but their office building in Guadalupe, Makati has been tagged as a “Pokémon GO gym.” MMDA said players who want to use the “Wallflowers Pokemon Gym” located at their office in EDSA-Orense Street should observe proper dress code.

They posted: “Mahigpit na pinaalalahanan ng pamunuan ng MMDA ang mga nagbabalak na dumayo sa ahensya na hindi papapasukin ang sinumang naka-tsinelas, shorts, at sando,” MMDA said in a Facebook post.

Players are also prohibited from fighting Pokemon battles at the gym during late hours, the MMDA said.  “Magdamag na roronda ang aming mga guwardiya upang hulihin ang sinumang lalabag,” the agency added.

If you find this funny, and not taking their post seriously, well then you have to see who will you come face to face with when you decide to not follow the rules.

Photo credit: MMDA's Facebook page

Photo credit: MMDA’s Facebook page


So have fun, Pokémon players but stay safe!

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