Smart Investments for Working Women

9382-a-beautiful-chinese-girl-sitting-on-steps-making-a-silly-face-pvWhen is the best time to make an investment? The answer is, NOW! But the question is where to invest? We searched the web and read books we can find in order to come up with a list of investments that you, as a working woman, can avail. There are plenty of available investments in the market today but always remember that investing is taking the risk so study and research thoroughly before diving into your final decision. In order to help you make your choice easier, we listed below the best investment options you can consider.

Investing in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Exchange Traded Funds is a marketable security that monitors index, commodity, and bonds. What makes ETF attractive to individual investors is its high daily liquidity and low fees. ETFs are traded like stocks in the stock market so you need to have a broker in order to trade. The good news is that most firms offer online trading to its customers so they can trade on their own conveniently. Make a research on the different firms. Check for their trading platforms and fees.

Because ETFs are traded like stocks, you can buy and sell anytime during market hours. As an ETF shareholder, you are entitled to a proportion of the profits so you can enjoy dividends and residual value when the funds are liquidated. There’s no minimum deposit requirement when trading for ETFs. Investors can also purchase as little as 1(one) share.

Lending with interest

Lend money to those in need and set an acceptable interest rate. You may start with your officemates and friends. Co-workers are always the best options for your “mini lending” business because you’ll know when they are paid. As a start-up and part time Lender, be sure you lend only to those who are trustworthy. Make an agreement with your customers and indicate the payment dates and interest. A heads up, though, this can be a good source of extra income but can also be a source of stress especially if lenders do not pay on time. So be careful to only lend money to those you trust.

22518591062_58505a96de_bReal Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

What makes REIT a good choice is its high dividends! REIT is also traded like stocks in major stock markets. It is a type of security that invests in properties and mortgages. REIT investors enjoy extremely liquid stakes in real estates, tax considerations, and high dividends. When you invest in REIT you are acquiring ownership in the real estate venture such as commercial properties, apartments, hospitals, hotels, etc. Most countries mandate REIT investments to a 90% dividend payout ratio making this investment type as a favourite of those income-seeking investors.

Online Business

If you love to write, blogging is the easiest and quickest way to start your online business. There are loads of ways to earn money online. Freelancing, for example, is getting more and more popular worldwide. It is expensive for start-up business owners to hire a regular employee to work for him/her. The solution is hiring a Freelance Contractor. Contractors work independently and they provide necessary facilities such as a computer, internet connection, phones, etc. More and more business owners choose to hire freelancers, therefore, it’s a great way to earn extra income. Choose those jobs that do not require you to log in at a specific time such as article writing and social media managing.

Pay off your Debt

You might find this entry surprising but holding on to debt is costly. Paying only the interest every month is not paying off your debt. You are only making the banks richer. Financial experts advise investors to pay remaining debts first before venturing into a business. Always remember that your goal is to earn so your cash flow should be flowing towards your bank account and not going out of your account.


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  • SBone November 22, 2017 at 12:11 am

    This seemed like a thoughtful article until I read “Lend Money with Interest.” There are countless reasons why this is a bad idea, so I’ll outline a few:

    1. Usury is immoral – but unfortunately it’s not illegal in the Philippines. Usury is lending with onerous repayment terms. Many, if not most, personal lending schemes in the Philippines are devised and accepted under the worst of circumstances; a close family member needs emergency medical care and the family doesn’t have the means to pay, for example. So a close family “friend” comes to the rescue with a P30,000 loan repayable at the unconscionable rate of 10% – MONTHLY. That’s 120% annually. With friends like that, who needs enemies? The Philippines, unlike EVERY developed country, has NO usury laws prohibiting excessive interest rates. So in case you missed it…why is usury bad? There’s an ancient Proverb (22:7) that sums it up: “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.”

    2. Lending without a collateral interest is foolish. “Only lend money to those you trust?” That’s the surest way to have your hard-earned money stolen. If there’s one thing everyone lies about, its money and their financial status. When a bank, or even a pawn shop, lends money, they receive something of value – greater value than the loan – to hold as collateral until the loan is repaid. If the borrower doesn’t pay, then the lender demands payment in full and if the borrower defaults, the lender liquidates the item of value, like your car or home, to recoup their investment plus expenses. I have known many Filipinos who thought lending their overseas worker pay was a great idea until the borrower refused to repay. So what legal action can you take? Your options are very limited, especially if there is no written agreement. If you ever lend money to someone, make sure it’s NOT a friend – or they won’t be for long – and accept the title to their motorcycle (and an extra set of keys) as collateral until the loan is repaid. And get the whole deal in writing, notarized.

    3. The Bible frowns upon it. There are numerous passages in the Bible that express a displeasure for lending with interest. Jews were forbidden to lend with interest to other Jews and Ezekial instructed the following “he lends money on interest and takes increase; will he live? He will not live! He has committed all these abominations, he will surely be put to death; his blood will be on his own head.” Throughout the Bible, justice is a continuing thread. So there’s no wonder that the practice of usury is so harshly condemned.

    So is lending in an of itself immoral? No. Think about this…every time you make an investment you’re lending your money to a firm who then packages it and lends it to someone else with the expectation of a return. It’s the fuel for our economic system. But there are two evils commonly involved with small personal lending; usury and theft. When you lend with onerous repayment terms – and the Philippine Supreme Court has commonly ruled that anything above 3% monthly is onerous – then you are wading into questionable moral waters. And when you lend without proper due diligence such as accepting collateral, then you are putting your money at substantial risk.


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