Penbrothers: Your One-Stop Virtual Hub in Makati City

A few of the challenges that face freelancers are the occurrence of power outages, the slow-moving Internet connection in the country, nuisance, and, of course, the all-so-common attitude of procrastinating.

Of all these four challenges presented, it is the last one that has something to do with our attitude and work ethics. The first three are circumstances that are out of our control but still can be addressed – thanks to Penbrothers.

Penbrothers is a coworking hub located in the heart of Makati City and provides not just spaces for freelancers like you and me but also provide high-end amenities, equipment, and services that not much coworking spaces offer.


Manning & Payroll Services

Although Penbrothers is open to providing an environment for freelancers, its main service is providing HR and Payroll Services to clients from around the world.

Penbrothers provide offshore recruitment, payroll assistance, legal services and flexible office spaces in the Philippines for local and international startup companies.”

In other words, Penbrothers will handle all of your needs, from recruitment to hiring, from orientation to training, and from overlooking to paying employees. You can find everything under one roof—no hassle for you and your team.

Your job is simply to manage the team virtually. The rest, you can leave in the hands of the amazing staff at Penbrothers.

Cutting-Edge Workplace Design

Penbrothers offers a workplace design that reflects how a twenty-first-century digital workplace should look like.

The space, located on three floors of OPL Building, 100 C. Palanca building (St., Legazpi Village, Makati), are a complete transformation from the outside. Penbrothers has successfully merged digital communication patterns with physical space, resulting in a higher probability of productivity and even interactions from other freelancers.

To top all that, the design of the whole area promotes an office environment minus the nuisance of the outside world and sometimes even of the gossiping coworkers. It is a perfect place for those freelancers who are tired of working alone inside the four corners of their rooms.

High-Speed Internet

Penbrothers boasts of a high-speed Internet connection that can accommodate all the freelancers present at the same time. Its working tables usher workers. Imagine no downtime and no buffering. But beware! The connection is strictly for work-related purposes only.


Think Tanks and Idea Pods

They also have idea and thinking pods that serve as a great area for virtual meetings with clients and coworkers, and a conference room with the basic equipment (such as, microphones, LCD projectors, and whiteboard and pen) needed for a smooth-flowing and lively meeting.

These spaces are great for business workshops and seminars, networking events, and so much more!

Pantry and Flowing Coffee

The pantry is equipped with tables and chairs, a refrigerator, coffeemaker, and a snack bar. You can either bring your own food, order from fast food chains, or buy sandwiches from the snack bar and spend your eating time quietly around the corner or with other freelancers.

You are given the hippy vibe while they are in the area. Parts of the walls are painted with graffiti giving a contrast to the minimalist design in the entire room.

Community Events

What is great about Penbrothers is that they also offer community building services every first Friday of the night. You can gather every Friday for a beer night, game nights, and so much more.

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For rates and other information, you may visit their website at or call them at the following numbers.

Operations – Landline


Business Development

+63 917 824 1289


+63 977 637 1082

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