11 Odd Reasons Why It’s More Fun To Live In The Philippines

It’s more fun to live in the Philippines because the people are friendly and hospitable. They may be one of the poorest, but would give the shirt off their back to a complete stranger. That is true hospitality!
But it’s not always hospitality that makes the Filipinos unique and the Philippines more fun to be in.  The creative and practical way of how they can turn a normal day into a day full of oddly exciting happenings hits the spot all the time. The Philippines is blessed with 7,107 islands. I wish I could list down that many reasons why it’s more fun in the Philippines. You may consider these reasons though.

1. These Consolation Prizes:

2. This Wi-Pie to go:

3. This dog going for a ride:

4. This extreme carpool:

5. This boy carrying this dog through flood waters:

6. Eating developing duck embryo, aka Balut:

7. This gathering of friends in the aftermath of heavy rains because Filipinos have the most fun:

8. And this wedding kiss during a heavy rain


9. Soda in a Plastic Bag

10. This perfect candy treat for the full of shit person in all of our lives:


11. And this truck:

We make every visit worth it!

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