First Filipina Wins Asia’s Next Top Model – Maureen Wroblewitz – A Warrior

Maureen Wroblewitz did it. After having been mocked and criticized over and over again for not being good enough to be a model and by just having a “pretty face”  by her fellow candidates; this girl redeemed herself by proving them all wrong by taking home the title.

Maureen is 5’6″,  half-german who decided to move to the Philippines at 15 outlasted two other Pinays Angelica Santillab and Jessica Sanchez during the regional reality competition. 

Maureen was the last Pinay standing during the final three which she claimed to have put so much pressure on her.

“So I have a lot of pressure especially because I was the girl with the least experience,” Balitanghi reported last week. “I knew that there is no way of giving up and I have to win this because no Filipino has ever won, so it is important to me to fight and stay strong.”

She is indeed a warrior, she knew that losing was not an option, how she did it to win it is purely heart and passion.
“That image is exactly what I wanted to see from you at the end of this competition,” said Cindy Bishop, one of the judges this season, a professional model to Wroblewitz.
“You delivered that quiet confidence, which showed that you have been soaking up everything we’ve been telling you, that you’ve been taking everything in and just completely laid it all out for us. And I am so, so happy to see that,” she also added. 

Before the final announcement, Maureen mentioned that all her efforts during the competition was all dedicated to her mom who passed when she was 11 years old. “She would have been so proud,” she said. 

With this win, Maureen took home a contract with Storm Model Management – which is London based.  She will also be on Nylon Singapore’s online edition cover on top of being featured on different fashion campaigns.

As I have always believed in, the passion and heart of a Filipina is enough to make her win. Losing should never be an option.

Yay to you, Maureen – we are proud of you!
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Anastasia Bree

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