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A Risk Worth Taking: A Filipina’s Immigration Story to New Zealand

It takes great courage to move out of the safety of your comfort zone, especially if you’ve already established a stable career after moving up the corporate ladder, and you have your family to think about. However, some risks are worth taking, and this Filipina’s story is a great example. Frida Diaz had humble beginnings. She started her career as…

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Your Tourist Visa got Denied, Now What?

I have been getting a lot of questions lately from our beloved readers who have been denied a visa by the US Embassy. I will be addressing your questions through these posts so we can filter out topics. So your US Visa got denied? Read About My Visa Denials Here Don’t worry! US Tourist Visas do not have a wait…

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My US Tourist Visa Denial Story

My experience with the US Embassy in Manila is bitter sweet. I applied for my US tourist visa, 5 times. Denied 4x before I finally got the “matamis na Oo (Sweet YES)” of the US Consulate. When my husband I started dating, he wanted to take me back to NY to experience winter with him. So I said yes, I will…

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