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Penbrothers: Your One-Stop Virtual Hub in Makati City

A few of the challenges that face freelancers are the occurrence of power outages, the slow-moving Internet connection in the country, nuisance, and, of course, the all-so-common attitude of procrastinating. Of all these four challenges presented, it is the last one that has something to do with our attitude and work ethics. The first three are circumstances that are out…

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Aspiring Bloggers, Vloggers Discover the Secrets to Monetizing Blogs, Vlogs

Twenty-six aspiring bloggers and vloggers were in for a treat last weekend, June 3, 2017, as they gathered at Mactan Newtown Beach eager to learn from three speakers the secrets of earning money through blogging and vlogging. The event was made successful through the support of TCF Media, Mactan Newtown which sponsored the venue, and The Detox Bar which gave out…

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Your Weekly Routine for a Whiter and Smoother Underarm

Ever wondered what to do to achieve better underarms just like the artistas? A whiter and smoother underarm is more achievable than you imagine. Compared to other parts of our body, underarms are more difficult to manage and are usually our least favorite part to take care of. Unlike our skin that gets an everyday lotion or our hair that is…

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Goodbye Artificial Islands: Typhoon Washes Away China’s Islands in Spratlys

Mother Nature is getting back at China in behalf of the Philippines and its natural resources that got damaged because of Chinese land reclamation at the controversial disputed Spratlys Islands. After dumping over 300 millimeters of rain in Northern Philippines over the weekend, Typhoon Nida is now in China and has already caused some damage in the artificial islands that…

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Power Naps Longer Than 40 Minutes Are Not Healthy

According to a recently published study on sleeping habits, extended power naps can cause serious health issues. The research is conducted by the American College of Cardiology and tracked 300,000 people around the world to find out that people who took frequent power naps that are more than 40 minutes increases their risks of metabolic issues, including high blood pressure,…

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Lessons from Duterte’s first-ever State of the Nation Address

The first-ever State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte was filled with lessons that can be applied generally in all aspects of an individual’s life. His speech, which lasted far longer than the expected 38 minutes, covered a lot of issues and laid down most of his goals for the next few years. He touched on peace, corruption, infrastructure,…

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Find Out Why This Grieving Mother’s Heartbreaking Advice to Other Moms Is Going Viral

It was on the second day of June this year when every mother’s nightmare became a reality for Ashley Grimm. She is a 31-year-old mother of five from Emmett, Idaho. On that day, she and five of her children met an accident. Unfortunately, one of her children, four-year-old son Titus, did not make it out alive. After the accident was…

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