A Taste Of The Exquisite Bohemian House Chicago

It’s a Thursday night, a good friend’s birthday, and was wondering where I can take her for a new restaurant experience. So I looked up a restaurant that will both suffice our starving tummies. And since I have a thing for some bohemian, I decided to try out Bohemian House – aka BOHO for dinner. 

We got there and were welcomed by their manager; Daniel Bautista and their very nice host.  

We made reservations for 7pm so we were able to get a table right away, which was awesome by the way.

The interior design was pretty awesome. I liked how rustic it was and how welcoming the place was.

Soooo, let’s get to the good part. 

As soon as we sat down we were welcomed by Gabby, our server, who happily introduced their menu to us. She gave us insights on her favorites and what people usually rave about. Including cocktails. And my, their cocktails were great!

  • Cocktails – oh my God!!! Their cocktails are amazing!!! I ordered bohemian bonfire and it was delish. My friend, Charmaine ordered Kappa Sour, and I wished I ordered that instead. This drink was heavenly delicious. Ashley was the bartender that day and I had to go up to her just to tell her how much of a great job she is doing. Also, their menu had names on some of the cocktail drinks and so I had to ask as Sebastian is one of the names on there. We were told the bartenders themselves make their own cocktail mixes thus their names on the menu. 
  • Appetizers – now, I must say, their Beef Cheek Periogi was bomb! I can not explain how the taste felt like in my mouth because it was damn good. We also had their Beef Tartare and that was delish! Props to their Chef in the kitchen.

  • Entrees – so I was told they normally change their entrees based on seasons which is awesome. That night we ordered Pork Schnitzel and Chicken Paprikash, both were amazing but my favorite was the latter. The chicken was juicy and tender and delightful in the mouth.  

  •  Desserts – they had a lot on the menu but we decided to go with what Gabby suggested, Dark Chocolate Custard, and usually I am not a chocolate person, but this one made me eat the whole thing. Literally mouth watering. 

Overall, the experience was so awesome that I needed to write about it. 

The restaurant opened July of 2014 and has been Michelin’s Bib Gourmand winners for both 2016 and 2017.  

The place itself was a recording studio before it was turned into a restaurant by a neuro surgeon from Czech Republic, Marcus who originally wanted to start out a tavern. 

BoHo Chicago also caters to wedding events or private events and can seat 116 people – something to think about should you want to have a great event experience. 

And they have Brunch on weekends! How awesome is that?!!

So if you are into something different and unique, BOHO Chicago is the place to go to.

Did we have an amazing time? Absolutely! The fun started the moment the cocktails were served. 

Until Next Time,
Anastasia Bree

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