Immigration Questions 

Life Away from the Philippines

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 Learning the ropes of living overseas 

Taking on a new world

OFW Tips

 The things you do for the one you love.. sigh. 

Marrying into another culture

Before you tie the knot


Disclaimer: There are Three of us who started this company. The featured photo only has the two of us because  D is so far away in Germany. We don't have a picture together yet. It...

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Culture, Love, & Dating

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another...

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Let’s Talk Food

We know nothing can beat that adobo from Mama's kitchen or the famous tinola Lola makes that is the talk of the town, but we can sure try. Here are little recipes, hacks, and other...

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“The gladdest moment in human life, I think, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton Wherever we are, there is always a place we call and know that is home to us. But...

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Recipes we love

Sausage and Peppers

 This sausage and pepper recipe has been passed down from my mother in law, who passed it to my husband, who eventually passed it on to me. A simple recipe from my family to yours. You can serve it over rice or with a really good italian bread.

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Best Filipino Desserts

I’ve always had a weakness for sweets (who doesn’t?), but I honestly, truly believe, it is a common Filipino trait. I mean, look at our spaghetti, it’s sweet! If you are reading this and you are not a Filipino or are familiar with out culture, prepare to get take your mind on a wild ride.

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Copycat Orange Chicken

 As a home-maker,  I am always looking for ways to make dinner pop. A lot of my recipes have been inspired by both my mother and my mother in law. Both of these ladies are really pros in the kitchen, but both with totally different cooking techniques.

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Our story

D a.k.a Darna (in photo), Anastasia Bree, & Ruby Famous

Everyday, our lives intersect with so many different kinds of people. Some we may never see again, and some may stay for years.
In our case, 15 years ago.. we met in college and then on to our first call center jobs in Cebu. We came from Bacolod, Dumaguete, and Cagayan de oro and now have all left the Philippines (for now) to go on a grandiose journey of love, life, and self-discovery. We eagerly await what the future will bring to our lives, and we wish to share every special moment with you.

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latest from the blog

She Knew It Was Over Before It Even Ended
Posted By Charlie Pelaez  Posted On 22-Apr-2017

#TCFNoteToSelf She knew. She could tell by the way you no longer held her hand the way you used to. She could tell by the kisses that used to be sweet expressions of affection, but had become routine and obligatory. She could tell by the miniscule details that you took

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If You Want To Know Her, Read What She Writes
Posted By Charlie Pelaez  Posted On 13-Apr-2017

#TCFNoteToSelf Small talks and idle chats were never her thing. She would usually be polite but reserved, and never really initiated what she considers as a pointless social etiquette. When backed in an inescapable social setting, she’ll say all the appropriate responses and all the superficial comments, but these will

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To Her Silly Crush with the Silly Jokes
Posted By Charlie Pelaez  Posted On 09-Apr-2017

#TCFNoteToSelf She may appear carefree, outgoing and perfectly happy. I’ll have you know that she just got over a devastating heartbreak, and beneath the surface, she’s still nursing her heart. She may appear as if smiles and laughs come easy to her. I’ll have you know that these are all

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Bridging the Gap: #DadsWhoPlayBarbie Challenge
Posted By Claire Du  Posted On 31-Mar-2017

Let's face it, Barbie has had big impact to kids since 1959. The iconic character has been kids' number one toy on their to-buy list. The company Mattel has expanded from the dolls to the dolls' clothes, accessories and even houses and cars. Mattel created a campaign called #DadsWhoPlayBarbie to bridge

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Inflatable Island : Are You Ready For Summer?
Posted By Claire Du  Posted On 31-Mar-2017

Sunny days are here. Summertime is starting and everyone either in front of their airconditioners, electric fans, fanning themselves of eat ice cream to cure the heat that the weather is causing. Being a beach bum myself, I would usually opt to be in the water during times like this.

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Muy Bien Bonita : Your Next Shoe Addiction
Posted By Claire Du  Posted On 31-Mar-2017

I usually hesitate when buying expensive shoes even though they look drool-worthy because of fear that durable. For most of us, quality is very important.  We would be able to use our shoes to our daily walks to and from work. Now, a new filipino-made shoe brand that is being talked about

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